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QLM Press Release, Friday 9th April 2021

A quantum-enabled gas imaging Lidar camera able to visualise and quantify methane leaks caused by oil and natural gas extraction and use has been developed by QLM Technology Ltd, based in Bristol.

QLM Named 2021 BloombergNEF Pioneer

QLM has been named a 2021 BloombergNEF Pioneer, joining eleven other companies recognised for their leadership in transformative technologies.

QLM Publishes Technology White Paper

QLM’s first white paper, detailing the revolutionary quantum single photon detection technology behind the upcoming gas camera, is available from today.

QLM “Vision For The Future” Goes Live

QLM is delighted to release their newly produced animation, produced in collaboration with AVC Immedia as part of the recent TechX project, demonstrating a vision for the future of emissions monitoring and depicting how the revolutionary quantum gas cameras will perform when instgalled on gas processing plants worldwide, measuring emissions on a continuous basis.

SPLICE-ing it Together With The CSA Catapult

The SPLICE project enables the combined expertise of a wide range of experts to be brought to bear on the challenge of delivering QLM’s revolutionary quantum gas camera to the market. In this article, Jolyon De Freitas, Technical Lead for the Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult on the SPLICE project, explains how CSAC is making the whole far greater than the sum of its parts.

Bay Photonics Collaborates with QLM

The collaboration of QLM with Bay Photonics within SPLICE has already started to yield success, with the completion and testing of the new transceiver design for the commercial release of the quantum gas camera.

Project Vision

QLM CEO Murray Reed presents a vision of the future for the SPLICE efforts beyond the project bringing together the different areas of expertise in working towards a single goal.