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QLM “Vision For The Future” Goes Live
November 30, 2020

QLM is delighted to release their newly produced animation, produced in collaboration with AVC Immedia as part of the recent TechX project, demonstrating a vision for the future of emissions monitoring and depicting how the revolutionary quantum gas cameras will perform when instgalled on gas processing plants worldwide, measuring emissions on a continuous basis.

The cameras are mounted high, looking down on the area, using either infrastructure, land or sea as a background against which to work, giving the system the flexibility to operate both onshore and offshore.

The cameras scan the area using the LiDAR beam in a pattern delivering wide area coverage in a short space of time, building up a point cloud of observations. As methane is detected and the camera focuses on the emission, the accuracy and precision of the measured flow rate increases as a function of time, informing the operator exactly where they need to carry out a leak repair operation, and with what degree of urgency.

As well as unplanned fugitive emissions, the camera also monitors planned emissions at exhausts and vents, either from its fixed emplacement (provided it still has a background against which to measure), or from mobile airborne or handheld platforms that are being developed for the second iteration of the SPLICE project’s output over the course of the project.

The cameras will constitute a lightweight, accurate, low-cost solution, that is simple for a user to operate and generates results that are just as simple for them to interpret, and implement in their emissions monitoring and mitigation strategy.

The animation demonstrates the concept on a gas processing facility, but the same monitoring capability could just as easily be used on a biomethane facility, a landfill or landfill gas-to-energy project, or anywhere that has the requirement to monitor and quantify emissions of methane.

The recent TechX program, administered by the OGTC, constituted an intensive training program for QLM and the other small businesses within the cohort, and was designed to mentor and better prepare the startups for interaction with the multinational oil and gas market. The program not involved introductions, but training on accounting, sales techniques, pitching, and marketing and media relations. The program culminated on November 25-26th, with a two day session in which QLM was able to pitch to potential investors on the 25th and to the wider oil and gas industry on the 26th. The meetings were very productive, generating considerable interest in addition to the business traction the program had granted during its course. The SPLICE project benefits from the training and mentorship provided to QLM by TechX, and we wish all in the Cohort every success in the future.

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