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The SPLICE Objectives

The overall goal of the SPLICE project is the successful development of industry-ready single-photon LIDAR gas cameras, fully-featured and ready for use in continuous leak detection and greenhouse gas monitoring operations worldwide.

Three Key Targets

  • Accuracy over long range

    • Low-uncertainty, high precision, high repeatability measurements with high temporal resolution

    • A measurement range of over 150m, and further depending on the measurement circumstances

  • Practicality and wide-ranging applicability

    • A small form factor, with lightweight construction

    • Low power consumption, able to run on batteries and potentially solar power

    • No need for complex cryogenic cooling of the detectors

    • Eye-safe laser technology, without the need for additional safety procedures

    • Versatile mounting capability, either on fixed points, vehicles and drones

    • A simple to operate user experience, with no requirement for complex calibration routines

  • Scalable and low-cost technology

    • Mature, inexpensive telecommunications laser technology

    • Affordable overall solution with a low cost-of-ownership

Simple Functionality

Working within a web browser, the user interface for the camera is designed with ease of operation in mind, while offering the maximum possible flexibility.

  • Leak visualisation

    • A heat map of detected emissions overlaid on a full colour image of the field of view – no need to infer the location of leaks when you can see them

    • When combined with wind speed and direction data from a local source, onboard calculation of leak rate from detected gas concentrations

    • Tracking of trends in detected emissions – whether an emission is growing, shrinking, intermittent or persistent

    • Near real-time response – quickly visualise the location and release rate of an emission

  • Data export and communications

    • Wired and wireless communication

    • Export data for offline processing, images, or measurement schedules

    • Back up to online or offline storage

    The SPLICE consortium, by virtue of the range and depth of experience and capability among its members, is ideally suited to exploit the technological innovation of single photon lidar. Over the two-year duration, the consortium will see multiple technological innovations, all building towards the realisation of a best-in-class gas sensing camera. Initial applications will be based around the oil and gas industry in leak detection and repair (LDAR) operations and flare combustion efficiency monitoring, but will soon expand to applications in environmental science including greenhouse gas monitoring and agricultural emissions monitoring. The number of gases the instrument can monitor will expand to include a wider range of species to help meet the requirements of the more diverse application pool.