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UAV & Handheld Cameras

At present, the quantum gas camera operates from a fixed emplacement (a pole, mast or tripod), on top of a pan-tilt mechanism that allows it to scan over a wide area on a continuous basis.  This method is ideally suited to wide-area monitoring.  However, QLM does not plan to only provide a single deployment solution.

In the longer-term, QLM plans to develop a handheld version of the camera for maximum versatility, able to visualise and quantify concentrations (and later, potentially even live leak rates) of the target gas in real time.

UAV & Handheld Cameras

In 2022, QLM plans to begin trials of a commercial UAV-mounted unit.  While this lacks the truly continuous operation of the fixed emplacement camera, it can supplement the continuous monitoring by carrying out specific survey tasks, such as monitoring the output of tall chimneys. 

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